Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sallyanne Drinkwater 05/10/73 - 06/01/11

l-r Me (at my brothers wedding in bridesmaid dress) and Sal

What can I say, we did not part on the best of terms ten years ago but that doesn't mean I've never thought about you or Lauren. I've often wondered how your getting on, where you are working etc etc. When I got your request a few weeks ago on Facebook to add you as a friend I admit to umming and ahhing. Then on Thursday I thought, lets let bygones be bygones, time to make amends and pressed accept.

Oh Sal if only I'd known sooner about your battle with cancer. You were always a strong woman, always had a warm heart, were always life and soul of the party. You always had good advice and a story for every problem I had, you always had a cuppa tea and a biscuit and a shoulder to cry on. We have had some brilliant nights out, and some brilliant nights in, old nursery parties in the kitchen , we laughed and cried together and had our ups and downs too.

I have to say how proud I am of the courage you have shown (although that does NOT surprise me), you have fought a battle with dignity, not a cross word and with the love you have for your family first and foremost in your heart. I know you are up there now with a brew and chocolate biscuit, watching over them all Lauren, Tyler and George. Lauren is doing you proud, SO grown up now and such a beautiful young woman taking after her Mam in every way.

Rest in peace Sallyanne, God only takes the best so young, you've earned your rest and your seat in heaven.



  1. So sorry to read about your friend Andria but glad you got to say goodbye.


  2. so sorry to hear about your friend andria.thinking of you.

    xx coops xx

  3. Hi Andria we are holding a Charity Event for the Henderson suit in aid of Sallyanne at the E,mont RLFC club on the 20/05/2011.
    Your more than welcome to come along.


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