Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Raving about The Ribbon Girl

Hi, I've just gotten home wet, cold and tired but happy and with some gingerbread to have with a cuppa as a guilty treat after me bath lol. Anyway I just wanted to rave about "The Ribbon Girl". I've placed a few orders with them now and always received quick delivery and I adore the little tissue paper packages filled with all kinds of loveliness that come through your door.

Well today's order was no exception, I opened the envelope cast the invoice to one side and impatiently pulled at the ribbon to untie my package. I tipped everything out and noticed at least 3 maybe for extra little bits that I knew I didn't order. So I switched on the lappy and was just about to email and say "these extras are not mine there must've been a mistake" when I decided to read the invoice.

It turns out they were not happy with thee butterflies I ordered and they were not up to their high standards (although the butterflies I received are gorge) and they are removing them from the shop. The extras were to make up for this.

Totally unexpected, but none the less fantastic customer service from them. Keep it up Mary and Andrea, you now have a loyal ribbon and loveliness addicted  customer for life :)


  1. Dear Andria - you are so nice and you have made us BLUSH :) We love wrapping every order in tissue and tying with ribbon, no matter how small or how large the order - we want everything to be a pleasure to receive! Big Hugs from Mary and Andrea xx

  2. You've done it now Andria I will have to go and have a look- and I love,love,love ribbon.
    PS thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog. Anne

  3. Oooohhhh I love ribbon I shall have to go and have a peek. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Anne x

  4. There's always a feel-good factor in getting good customer service and that makes you want to go back to that shop, so there's a lot to be said for it!
    Also it doesn't get recognised enough - we're always quick to complain, so it's great to see someone being complimented!
    I'll have to go and have a look too!


  5. That's EXCELLENT customer service.
    Enjoy playing with the ribbon!
    Sandra x


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