Thursday, 11 August 2011

Goodbye Sandy :(

(The following is meant in jest and not to offend)

It's a sad day in the Simpson household, I am mourning the loss of my trusty "Sandstone" promarker pen. Who sadly gave up the fight for life this morning as the colour faded away. Farewell my friend you have served me well.....and when the time is right I will move on to find "Sandy mark 2".


  1. Oh Andria, I feel your pain. It was a sad day in FluffWorld when E31 was Lost in Action, never to be seen again. I think Sweet Cheeks had something to do with it. Take your time, you will love again... :)

  2. oh`ve certainly brought a smile to ,my face this morning :D
    poor sandy, it was bound to happen eventually but he lived a fun and exciting lifeand got to see all the different images that he did and he knows he played a part in them all :D

    xx coops xx

  3. I'll raise a Sandy! And to Sandy's everywhere!



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