Sunday, 25 November 2012

Thank you - You're Bloody Brilliant

Evening all, a quick post from me to let you all know that my other half Leon is now on the mend. A week ago Friday he was rushed to hospital with suspected internal bleeding. When he got to A&E they diagnosed bleeding ulcer and operated within an hour. Turns out after having NO symptoms or warning signs at all, he had TWO ulcers, one bleeding the second about to burst. The surgeons said his body had started to shut down and he lost a lot of blood and fluid. He had a blood transfusion 4 pints and fluids and was allowed home on Monday this week.

The Dr's, Nurses, Surgeons, Porters, Health Care Assistants, Radiographers, Pharmacists and Lab Staff at the WEST CUMBERLAND HOSPITAL (Whitehaven) are fantastic. They are Angels and I am so grateful to them for the care Leon received and for saving his life.

Also to all you lovely guys and gals (Myself included) who regularly donate blood, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you also helped to save Leon's life.

The cards above along with tins of sweets are for the hospital staff, we will take them in next week. Leon is getting his strength back bit by bit and is on the mend, so hopefully my crafting will resume this week as I've been looking after him.

Anyway Thanks for looking, catch up with you all soon :) .


  1. Oh sweetie, what a dreadful shock! How brilliant that Leon is now getting better! Your delightful cards will be so appreciated by the Angels who saved him. Take care!

    with love to you both, Mags B xx

  2. So pleased to hear the good news after that terrible shock! The cards are gorgeous and I'm sure will be very appreciated :)

  3. thank goodness your hubby is now on the mend andria,it must of been a tough time for you all.sending him lots of get well wishes and your cards are fab :D

    xx coops xx

  4. What a shock for you both. Glad to read he is on the mend and yes I agree nurses and doctors do a fantastic job.



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